The world's most advanced finishing tools for 3D prints.


Revolutionary tool for finishing 3D printouts, with hot swap tips, ABS, PLA or Custom Temperature modes, Sleep function and goes up to 400 degrees Celsius. 4 Tips are included, Carving, Refining, Slicing and Blending.


A non-contact method of softening and then reforming 3D printouts.

It can also be use to melt the outer layer of the plastic to make the print out smooth.

Used for joining two printed parts together without using any chemical adhesives. Can be used to flatten printouts with large areas of warping issues.


With MAXIMUM filtering and suction power.

The Ritocco Paint Booth Max efficiently filters and directs excess fumes and paint away. Currently our most powerful and efficient paint booth.

Ritocco Ritocco Pad Ritocco Paint Booth Max Ritocco Paint Booth Mini Ritocco Air

Foldable with easy to carry handle, The Ritocco Paint Booth Mini  filters and directs excess fumes and paint away all in an easy carry package.






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