AOYUE® Int 2710 Pro


Int 2710

Hot Air gun with two port system.

Simultanously use Soldering and Desoldering gun.

Our most advance reworking system

Digital Airflow Meter

Easy to adjust and works like an actual flow meter.


New Intuitive Control

Knob capable of controlling every aspect of the system


Blue Back-lit LCD display

Information easy to read on the LCD Display

 Adjustable Holders

Adjustable and switchable holders for optimum placement.

Sleek New Design

Sleek stylish design unlike any other soldering system.

Multi Tool

All the tool you need in one compact case.

Safety Features

Our system is equipped with several safety features  that allowing you

to quickly and safely get the job done.


Auto Sleep


Overheat Protection


Hot Air Cool down


System lock


Works with a multitude of tools essential in a professional rework station .

Functions and Features

Equipped with functions and features essential in professional soldering and reworking industry. .

Soldering Iron

Integrated Smoke


Composite Tip

Soft Touch Grip


Hot swappable tips



Select between °C or °F

Switch between Centigrade or Fahrenheit Scale.

Dual temperature scale system ensures easy temperature monitoring.


High Wattage Heating Element


Textured Handle

Interchangeable        De-Soldering Tips

Digital Offset

For sensitive components, make sure temperature stays

within correct levels with digital offset adjustments.

Hot Tweezers

Composite Tip Design


Hot Swappable Tips


Remove Components up to 2mm in width


Quick Set

Quickly jump to frequently used settings.

User configurable settings are saved into memory.

Hot Air

With Heat Spreader Technology

Integrated Overheat Protection System

Up to 1300 Watts

Activity Sensor

 Tools with sensor to detect user activity, Automatically goes into sleep mode for safety.

Pro Series



Accessories and Auxiliary tools


Detailed Specifications for Aoyue Pro Series 2710,2708 and 2705

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Pro Series

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