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    AOYUE 498
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    • PTC ceramic heater and removable tip design.
    • High power heating element for fast heat recovery.
    • Temperature adjustment knob.
    • With sponge tray, spool holder , solder iron holder
    • Optional Smoke absorber attachment.
    • Magnetic PCB holders.

                                                        SPECIFICATIONS                                                                 Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
       Voltage Input : 18V 3A DC
      Weight: 720 grams
    Station Dimensions: 200w) x 218 (h) x 58 (d)  mm
    Power Consumption: 50W
      Temperature Range: 200°C - 480°C
    Heating Element Composite Ceramic heater
     Smoke Absorber Voltage 110 or 220 VAC
      Heater voltage: 18V 3A DC



    AOYUE 498 Package Content
    1 unit

    Working platform with metal surface.

    1 pc.

    Soldering Iron

    1 pc.        Composite tip
    1 pc.

    Heat resistant Pad ( to change tips)

    1 pc.

    Solder spool holder (solder spool not included)

    1 pc.

    Cleaning sponge tray

    1 pc.

    Smoke absorber attachment with LED lamp

    1 pcs.        Exhaust duct with securing ring
    1 pc.

    Carbon Filter


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