• Aoyue International Limited.

    A global technology company leading in the research and development of tools for soldering and rework operations in the electronics industry. 

  • AOYUE Int 9378 Pro

    Soldering System

  • AOYUE 3212A

    Portable Soldering Iron And 3D Printout Retouching Tool

  • AOYUE 486+

    Bench-top Solder Smoke Absorber with Attachable Air Duct

  • AOYUE Ritocco 3212

    The world´s most advance sculpting and retouching tool for 3D prints.

18 Years of Innovation

and Continuous Advancement

One of the Leading technology companies

for soldering and reworking equipments.

Strong distribution network around the globe

Established brand value built by years of
consumer confidence and brand loyalty

Aoyue Spirit

Our main objective is to achieve only the best quality in our products and provide tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of clients and professionals in the industry.

Our vision is to lead in the development and production of soldering solutions worldwide with continuous advancement of our research and development capabilities for the goal of surpassing the seemingly boundless technology of our world.

Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative solutions,affordable high quality products and ensure top notch service thru our strong distribution network around the world.

Boundless technology continuous advancement