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Multi-Function Systems
  • AOYUE Int 866

    AOYUE Int 866

    4-in-1 repairing system combining Hot Air Gun,Soldering Iron ,Pre-Heater, External Sensor, Hot Air gun stand in one sophi sticated package.
  • AOYUE Int 2702A+

    AOYUE Int 2702A+

    4-in-1 system. Combines hot air gun, de-soldering gun and smok e absorbing soldering iron.
  • AOYUE Int 2738A+

    AOYUE Int 2738A+

    Lead-free compatible,3-in-1 system.Combines hot air gun and sm o ke absorbing soldering iron.
  • AOYUE Int 968

    AOYUE Int 968

    Hot air gun,soldering iron and smoke absorber in one package
  • AOYUE Int 852A++

    AOYUE Int 852A++

    Microprocessor-controlled equipment. 2-in-1 system.
  • AOYUE Int 968A+

    AOYUE Int 968A+

    3-in-1 system Soldering Iron,Smoke Absorber,and Hot Air Gun.
  • AOYUE Int 2703A+

    AOYUE Int 2703A+

    All in one Digital Hot Air Rework Station





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